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♡Little mix- these girls changed my life! They taught me to just be myself!❤️ best 3 years ever!!

Jade Perrie Jesy Leigh-Anne Perrie has pretty eyes they all do omg i met them whuttttt

Little Mix - The Daily Telegraph Sydney

“Little Mix - The Daily Telegraph Sydney”

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little mix hitting up the snaps

Little Mix Facts! ♥ | via Tumblr

Little Mix Facts!



My love for Little Mix keeps growing. I love them!

Little Mix Shares Some Badass Advice On Self-Love And Friendship

I've noticed this!!!! :D It's so wonderful.>>> @Morgan Minette OMG WE DO THIS ALLLLLL THE TIME!!!! :D

The birthday girl and Jade playing during their studio break!

FUN FACT all of the girls are the same height- 5'3" Really?? I'm 5'2" so this makes me feel better about myself! :)

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Oh I remember that celeb juice episode. That was a little weird:/ but the girls were cute so:-)

Wallpaper and background photos of Little Mix Facts♥ for fans of Little Mix images.

Little Mix Facts: Photo. I never knew @Kris Jarchowán Örn Kjartansson Gruber Edwards

Little Mix Facts: Photo. I never knew Örn Kjartansson Gruber Edwards