Early Middle Ages: The early Middle Ages saw a resurgence in a hierarchical class system with the rise of feudalism, which made the vassals and lord richer, and the peasants poorer by making them work land they didn't own and barely paying them anything

SOTW Vol 2 Book List

Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages Book List

Tons of book & movie ideas for studying medieval through renaissance history.

Hope Chronicles: Mt Hope Academy ~ New Resources and Curricula: (History and Literature Book List)

"Tips for Using Story of the World" - ideas on making the most out of your experience. homemakingwithheart.com

History ideas and creative supplemental activities - ie making mud bricks, cooking, etc

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Free Middle Ages themed resources at Homeschool Giveaways. You'll find free Middle Ages printables, lapbooks, unit studies, and more.

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Best ‘Ancient’ and ‘Middle Ages’ Historical Reads {Elementary Level} (Homemaking…

The Middle Ages for Kids...great site with lots of terrific links!

Creative Building Projects for Students--leading to co-operation, progressive understanding and multi-model assessment.

How we use 'Story of the World' as our main history spine. {homemakingwithheart.com} #storyoftheworld, #classicalhistory

How We Use Story of the World As Our Main History Spine. Textbook plus classical learning.