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Egg With Leg
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magimagali: “this pic is vry klance ”

magimagali: “this pic is vry klance ” honestly they need a season three episode where this happens

[KLANCE/VOLTRON] Have you kissed anyone? by KitsuneZakuro

this would definitely happen

Klance | Voltron | Keith Kogane x Lance McClain

That height difference tho Lance I need you stand up straight eventually. We need more smol badass protagonists!

wow more klance by dekuhornet

This reminds of me of dirty laundry. Lance's song directly translates to "We both enjoy this love. Our souls came so close. That I keep your taste but you also take flavor to me.

Brokashi Shibrogane on

Brokashi Shibrogane в Твиттере: «day 2 of daily shiro encouragement… <--- Love the Thundercats blanket

I love this! Plus I would want that Bi shirt!

I love this! But now I want a shirt that says ACE case

Voltron Hogwarts AU Klance.… ON REDBUBBLE:…

Voltron: Legendary Defender, Dirty Laundry fic ((PS It's freaking amazing go check it out!


Dirty Laundry, Keith Gyeong and Mateo Sanchez


“beef jerky and road trips go hand in hand babe!

Image result for dirty laundry klance

Image result for dirty laundry klance