Three lights are lit but the fourth ones out I can tell cause its a bit darker than the last night's bout. I forgot about the drought of light bulbs
More ideas from Jarod
I want to learn how to skateboard I really do :3 But let's let my tailbone heal before I start @Julia Hahaha

I like the perspective in this and the palm trees swaying.

Skateboarding Sign Black and White Photography http://skateboardproshop.com

"Caution" Skateboarding Sign Black and White Photography

It'd be real cool to have pics taken of me and my boards...but first I need to get better...

skate big steps step up skateboarding

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Taking amazing skateboarding photos like this!

The world is a skate park. Ride it!

Robert Jahns is a art director from Germany. He is a master at photo manipulation and has created some photos of death-defying scenes.

— thedailyboard: Hungry ? It’s time for sushi skate...

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Skateboard deck by Dan Shearn from Red Central The Daily Board: follow | facebook | pinterest | twitter | submit

Skateboard deck by Dan Shearn from Red Central

Photography style idea - maybe we get someone doing a dope freeze or jump in the air w colored powder.

Skateboarding is very much a sport but is equally a form of Artistic Expression. I came across a skate video where they were street skating but edited it so the tricks were in slow motion and it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

SOVRN Skateboard Decks http://www.sprhuman.com/2014/02/sovrn-skateboard-decks/

SOVRN Skateboard Decks oh my word.

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for me, skateboarding is a sport tht makes ur mind feel free!