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Day Trip: Lantau Island in Hong Kong - Loved and Wanderlust
Awesome Things to do in Macau. Just an hour away from Hong Kong by ferry, Macau is another special administrative region of China. The influences of its former Portuguese colonial masters have been successfully weaved into its Chinese heritage, as seen in its buildings, food, and tradition. Because of the presence of many casinos and high-end shopping centers in such a small peninsula, Macau earned the nickname ‘Las Vegas of Asia.’ But there is more to Macau than gambling until the we
Braid And tale in one
Hong Kong. It’s a big, bustling, brimming with options kind of city. It is made up of two different sides; one being Kowloon and the other called Central, divided by Victoria Harbour. Kowloon has ove
Best bars with a view in Hong Kong | Nightlife (Condé Nast Traveller)
Heading to Hong Kong? It's an expensive city but it's possible to travel to Hong Kong on a budget. Here are 16 things to do in Hong Kong on a budget that will save you money for more adventures!
Hong Kong Travel Cheat Sheet; Sign up at for high-res images. 10 Things to Do in Hong Kong That Probably Aren't in Your Guidebook
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This infographic charts the characteristics of 16 different red wine varieties, from Merlot to Sangiovese >>