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I told my mom & Dad they should get this and my response is "That is completely true." -_-
kids will love this format, especially if they find their own branch // great project for a group
For the Children: Inspired by Nature Provocations Provocations!
Provocations (Reggio)
Floral inspired art projects not only provide super opportunities to use art materials, but we all enjoy how beautiful flowers make us feel!
Painting with spices - great sensory experience.
So simple it's brilliant. Talk about feelings and make these emotion masks at preschool.
sticky paper snow mural, or for just about anything the kids would enjoy. Could use leafs in the fall or different cuts of tissue paper.
Easel activity for preschool. Storytelling, empathy, and fine motor skills all wrapped into one fun idea.
Hearts at the easel - Teach Preschool