Andrew Mintrom
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Love the tan, cable-knit, shawl-collared sweater paired with a denim chambray shirt! Tan or Camel are my new favorite clothing colors.


Men's casual style layered look. Jeans, button up shirt, sweater and faded military style jacket with boots. My man would never wear a scarf, but I might be able to get him into the rest :)


Jake Gyllenhaal (I don't know what it is. His eyes? Hm, there is something)- it's the collared shirt under a sweater with chuck Taylor's!

smart, casual, warm

Interesting look! Layered dark gray / charcoal fitted blazer, with gray cardigan, and light gray shirt. all varying shades of gray!) Paired with black leather pants.

Dressed to impress

Here is an example of a basic suit. It's simple yet classy. Do not forget the tie clip! A floppy tie is enough to bring your whole look down. Also, a fitted shirt is key. You don't want to look like you are swimming in your clothes.