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Just imagine after decades, centuries maybe, after all those hunters and man of letters, that would try ti get in the bunker they've heard so much about, the bunker, where the famous Winchesters themselfs left their mark. Same mark they made in they car as kids, the legend says. And when the hunters finally find that, they would just come to the table, not sure if they can touch the mark, because, hell, it's made by the Winchesters themselfs. Continue in the comment.

Quote from Supernatural ? Dean Winchester: I wonder what’s gonna happen to this place. After we’re gone, you think some hunter’ll move in, keep fightin’ the fight? Sam Winchester: Yeah, I hope

Sammy dont make my boyfriend upset , I saved your life and traded my soul for you but I swear to chuck I will murder you

No, but he looks like he's a little kid that made his parents food and he's so proud and Jensen took it and Jared's gonna say he's really not that hungry but Jensen's looking at him like you better fucking take that sandwich.

And people wonder why I ship it... Also I sort of think/wish this comment is the reason Cas went down to the panic room later...for some Dean and Cas alone time ;)

And people wonder why I ship it. Also I sort of think/wish this comment is the reason Cas went down to the panic room later.for some Dean and Cas alone time ;)<<my destiel shipper side is cackling merrily right now

So me when I'm woke up lol

If this is really true: it's awesome :D Jensen is so relaxed on set/at work that he's falling asleep.this man is just so adorable!

Destiel + hands #spn More

Destiel + hands That's just beautiful. Whoever the artist is. The most beautiful story telling.

Only a true fan undserstands! Click the image and check us out;

NOT Jensen and Jared together. Two separate occasions. Jared was alone with the cub and Jensen's picture was taken with his old girlfriend.

'He who hesitates will be lost' -series of unfortunate events 'he who hesitates. disintegrates' -Lucifer/Cas angel of the lord XD


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