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Dump A Day Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 31 Pics

Turn a trampoline into a hanging outdoor bed as a new take on the hammock idea for relaxing. Turn a trampoline into a hanging outdoor bed as a new take…

I thought it was just me because I'm terrible at getting out of pools!

Synchro Performance Training wishes everyone a happy weekend! Will you be watching the Pan Am Games? Let us know!

Bananabread granola - Food Bandits

˚Banana Bread Granola (Vegan, Gluten-Free): Simple B-Fasts Au Lait˚

La foto de surf de beautifulsoulra

Travel to Lapoint Surf Camp Ericeira and get a taste of this fisherman's village on the Atlantic coast, home to world class waves and great people.

Perfect Waves

highenoughtoseethesea: “ Dawn patrol at Steamer Lane. In an effort to shine the light on surfing’s talented-but-unsponsored masses, O’Neill is implementing a new format for their upcoming Coldwater Classic event.

Aprender a surfar. Por que? Desde pequeno gostei da ideia de ir para a praia todo final de semana e passar o dia no mar, surfando e tals.

I have a lot of respect for surfers. They choose to get up early out of their warm beds and go surfing in the cold water for hours, until their fingers shrivel up. They endure belly rashes, wipeouts, and exhaustion, all for the sport they love.


The Dope Surf Society® Surfer catching a wave getting tubed. Only surfer's know this feeling.