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Lexa and Clarke the night before they both have a big exam. Lexa, ever practical, knows they need sleep. Clarke has had a long day of being away from her girl and has other ideas.

*in the broadcasting news report room* "this just in the Shakespeare Fandom has just made a Tumblr post and it kept going!"

Perfect blend of Shakespeare and modernity. (Apologies for the one cuss)

Oh my

I don't know why this makes me laugh so hard even if it's not true.They killed him a little.he got better.

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If he isn't gay the universe has failed us<<<<< "The names Dick Hunter.

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I also thought testicle at first. 😂😂 But I agree with her!


I've never thought about the different ways guys and girls do this. This is so funny. But see I slide one arm inside and hoist it off like an award penguin

This list. | 21 Times Tumblr Got Really Awkward About Sex

"Sexting is so weird, I did it once and the guy was getting really into it and I was eating a pack of Doritos and playing Final Fantasy.