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Jim Peterson

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40s or 50s. The moderate and conservative Prime Minister of Le Nord. An ex-farmer and MP of a rural constituency. Tired and grumpy from running an unpopular MMP government as well as dealing with the Tuhoe insurrection. Currently way behind in the polls, he knows his last chance of re-election is to get a favorable power deal from Le Sud.

Tacky, generic Hallensteins suit top… Imagine the combination: stubbies, ruggers socks, gumboots, Hallensteins suit top with a shirt, and tie. It could kinda work tbh.

Thought this was an interesting shot showing the relationship between Jim and Lyndsey(?)

speech 1

This kinda made me lol. Not entirely relevant, but putting on gumboots for the media... This is awesome.

And this is just about right :) Copyright shout out to these guys:

LOL. Not quite, but not toooo far off either ;)

How can we make Jim (John) look like a wild farmer (business suit top, stubbies bottom…?), spontaneous enough to get down and dignity-less with François… And "fresh" and up wit dem hommies.