Discovering who I was and what really makes me tick was an integral part of me…


Well, at least I've learned. Respect is only given by those worthy enough to realize that they're not the only people in this planet.


Something I wish had been more emphasized in my youth, instead of 'you are only worth anything through God.' As absolutely true as that is, you have to realize it for yourself. And often that means giving discounts that teach it to you.

Courage is especially necessary in today's hyped up, narrow-minded society who takes PC stances that are deemed popular and "acceptable" and "open-minded" & yet they criticize and openly bash people who disagree with them. Stand up to the hypocrisy!

5 Sayings to Keep You Grounded - Clementine Daily - one of those life things my Dad taught me...


For when you're looking for words that will speak to your soul.

I never thought I would be able to pursue a degree in library science until I was fearless and told my family that being a librarian was exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I'm so excited to be pursuing my passion.


Whatever you decide to do in your life, make sure it makes you happy and enjoyable. Make sure it is a life worth living. Don't let others drag you down, just stand up and keep on going. My husband always says this!

It's Friday! Yay! To keep it real with y'all, I still need to raise a LOT of dough for my trip to Uganda. Any donations are appreciated. I will be working hands on in the orphanage and community. More of the story and to donate is in the link in my bio!