Elements: Colour, Pattern, Shape Principles: Repitition, Symmetry, Rhythm

What we can see here, in this artwork, is a symmetrical pattern, starting from the top and bottom of the artwork, pointing towards the middle of the page / image. It gives me a mirroring and distinct feel to the symmetry.

Elements: Line, Shape, Colour Principles: Variety

-texture -line -colour -size -tone -unity -contrast -shape -space -form -balance

Elements: Colour, Shape, Line, Texture Principals: Unity

Nigel Brown displays a lot of density and unity creating traditional art, using many matching colour with a lot of rhythm.

Elements: Colour, Line, Texture Principles: Unity

Peace Aotearoa Element: line, color, shape, space, text Principles: proportion

Elements: Colour, Shape, Line Principles: Symmetry, Unity

Nigel Brown Kiwi Lifestyle Hand-coloured woodcut 900 x Elements: line, color, shape, space Principles: symmetrical balance

Elements: Colour, Shape,  Principles: Texture, Symmetry, Balance

This is an example of what not to do with placement of text within the margins of the rules of design. WAVES no, depressions yes. This picture resembles a bunch of letters (I, M, A) With a light shading to make the picture

Elements: Colour, Shape, Line, Texture Principals: Form, Value

Nigel Brown - Artis Gallery- Look at playing with strange perspectives and scale!

Elements: Shape, Text, Texture Principles: Balance

contrast: light and dark , colours: Black and white , patterns , Emphasis.

Elements: Colour, Line, Shape, Texture Principals: Value

-size -shape -form -value -proportion -colour -contrast -space

Elements: Shape, Texture Principles: Symmetry, Unity

symmetry in the shape, contrast, unity, story telling