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Customer Home by the Water

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John and Joanne had seen a G.J. house they really liked in Australia. The team at G.J. Gardner Homes flew back to Australia with them to look at the house and modify it to meet New Zealand conditions. "We had a lot of fun. We have a house we just don't want to leave, it has the feeling you are on a cruise ship. G.J.'s literally went the extra mile and built a truly magnificent home."

Plaster and Linea weatherboard cladding are complemented with a schist stone feature section on the exterior of this home.

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the boys did do a great job for us, and testament to that is that we had absolutely NO damage to our house during the Canterbury earthquakes.

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An extra high ceiling adds a grandiose feel to the living room which offers a spectacular view.

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The little details act to reinforce the luxury of this space with stylish switches completing the look.

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The happy home owners are, "Proud that, even though it is now a number of years old, it is so modern, that it could have been built here yesterday and nobody would be any the wiser."

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Not just twin basins but twin vanities are placed in this bathroom, making the view symmetrical from bed.

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The dining area, on the ground floor, makes great use of the view out to the lake, while the choice of a solid wood dining table brings a classic touch to this modern home.

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