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Feijoa, Ginger and Almond Crumble Ingredients 8 large feijoas, depending upon size use more or less 1 tbsp butter, plus 60g extra for topping 1 tbsp honey 100ml dessert wine ⅓ cup brown sugar 1 tsp baking powder 40g ground almonds 2 tbsp crystalised ginger, finely chopped 60g flour 1 bottle cream, or vanilla icecream, to ...

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Feijoa & Lemon Cordial collect the zest from 12 large feijoa (wash them well first), added the zest of half a lemon, placed everything in a pot with 500 ml of water and 100 g of sugar. Boiled the lot for 5 minutes (to dissolve the sugar), then covered with a lid and let it rest overnight. In the morning I strained the 'syrup' and bottled it.

Alessandra Zecchini: Feijoa and lemon zest cordial

Feijoa crumble

Feijoa jam recipe, NZ Woman's Weekly – Feijoas are great eaten on their own but fortunately you can also freeze the pulp if you are struggling to get through the excess. You can use the pulp to make fruit crumble, feijoa bran muffins, or chutneys. Here's a recipe for feijoa jam! –

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Feijoa Paste - Feijoas (also known as pineapple guavas and guavasteen) are an exotic, divinely-flavoured fruit native to South America. Small, green and egg-shaped, the scent and flavour sometimes defy description. Pineapple, banana, mint, strawberry and guava flavours all mingle to create a taste sensation that is wonderfully addictive!

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