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What Animal Will You Be Reincarnated As?

This rainbow-colored lizard is ready to hit the dance floor and WERK. Happy Pride from The Dodo, to animals big and small!

Enfield: European Heraldry Morphology: There is no definitive description, but all Enfields will share the head of a fox and the forelegs of an eagle. Other versions can include the chest of a greyhound or lion and the hindquarters of a wolf.

The enfield is a mythical creature having the head of a fox, forelegs like an eagle's talons, the chest of a greyhound, the body of a lion, the hindquarters and tail of a wolf.

Artist Redmer Hoekstra creates delightfully surreal drawings in which animals, people, and objects form bizarre hybrids

Netherlands-based artist Redmer Hoekstra draws fascinating composite illustrations that merge animals and everyday objects or machines - from a lizard with computer keyboard scales to this one, an owl with an opened book for wings.

Fantastic character design for an owl griffin.

Flying cat - cyinty animal inspiration for mythical or myth among myths. Fantastic character design for an owl griffin.