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Holy shitballs this is true!

female_shoulder_tribal_tahiti_samoan_maori_tattoo.jpg (309×550)

Samoan tattoo designs were originally from Samoan people. Samoan tattoo belongs to tribal tattoo to which it is not clearly known where the Samoan people


SHANE TATTOOS: Maori design achieves amazing effect. the tattooed areas look raised compared to the un-inked skin inbetween which look almost as if they have been 'chiselled' out like some elaborate lino-cut!


I got my first Henna design at Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida on my hand. Henna design, because I'm buying me some henna mix this summer :)

Moon of my life - My sun and stars tattoo | maori tattoo back tattoos

Moon of my life - My sun and stars tattoo

Marketplace Tattoo Tortuga Familia #16085 | CreateMyTattoo.com

Marketplace Tattoo Tortuga Familia - Host your own Custom Tattoo Design Contest! Describe your Tattoo Design Idea and get unique Custom Tattoo Designs to choose from!

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Polynesian tattoo for the side

40 Mexican candy skull tattoos has meaning behind the sugar skull tattoo also

Dia de los muertos sugar skull and roses tattoo

Polynesian 3/4 sleeve 02-A by dfmurcia

sakura graphic pens, pigma microns and touch marker. Commissioned polynesian sleeve tattoo commission design, shoulder and outer arm side. This is a PAID COMMISSION DESIGN, please DON'.

Polynesian tattoos

Polynesian art & culture has a great influence on modern body art & tattoos. Here is list of top 10 Polynesian tattoo designs that depict ancient Polynesian history