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I would like Niall to come over just because I know that he will bring food xD

Honestly if any oh the boys found me attractive it would probably be Niall cause I always stuff my face with food

Haha I like the Louis one, because that is definitely something that Louis would do xD

When another guy flirts with you. When I read zayn's I read 'kisses your neck' in Perrie's voice from the song DNA

It would be so funny to be working on the computer during class and skype pops up!

AWWW!!! Okay it's official! Any of them can steal my phone! Lol though Harry will have a hard time coming up with that many cats...<<<I want Harry to steal my phone😂😂

we're just a bunch of obsessed dedicated fans of those 5 flawless guys. we write imagines and...

Hahaha!(: Niall's probably wouldn't be much different from what I usually would post lol