Carla Van Vuuren

Carla Van Vuuren

New Zealand / Love music!!! It's my life! I sing and also play a little guitar. I want to be a singer someday! :)
Carla Van Vuuren
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Calum hood from 5 Seconds of Summer (pinning in school lol :p)>>>>>Me too. There's always time for Calum and

Imagine: Calum:Hey (y/n)! Want to come play some football with me and the guys? (Y/n): Calum I suck at football Calum: Fine I'll teach you *hugs you* (Y/n): Fine, but don't laugh

The new EP is out and we reckon these Aussie guys deserve all the best wishes in the world! Please click through to say congrats if you agree. Thanks Directioners!

Why do you have to be so hot and your blonde hair matches with your blue eyes!

Luke Hemmings punk edit>>> excuse me while I drown in my own tears