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Small Boat Projects - Making Life Aboard Easier: How much do you have out?

There are many ways to know how much anchor rode you have veered out. In this post copied from Sail Delmarva , Drew shows us a simple way he.

How to clean Sunbrella canvas

How to Clean Sunbrella Fabric. Remove those stains from chocolate, markers, red wine, coffee and much more.

Don’t Get Stuck!–Tools and Techniques for Cruisers

When you have decades of experience running commercial research yachts where downtime is not an option, you learn how to make repairs while “out there”.

Brightwork. Finishing the teak. Good overview

Brightwork beauty treatments fall into three general categories: oils, varnishes and synthetic wood finishes.

Post image for Expecting the Unexpected

For Preppers: 'Expecting the Unexpected'--though this is about learning to face heavy weather at sea, it makes sense in terms of facing other challenging, dangerous situations.

How can you tell how discharged the batteries are? How much charging do they need? Installing a battery monitor will tell you this and more.

Battery monitoring- Knowing is better than guessing

Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week (January 28, 2014)

Here are some of the best Inspirational Quotes about Motivation to keep you energetic and motivated .Top 25 Inspirational Quotes about Motivation Quotes Top 25 Inspirational Quotes about Motivation Quotes Top 25