Apples for Breakfast

Breakfast recipes that incorporate apples in some form or another: fresh apples, apple puree, apple juice......
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Toasted Muesli with Apple Syrup & Dried Apple Chunks

Apple Muesli / Granola Apple muesli for most people brings to mind Bircher Muesli – rolled oats soaked overnight in apple juice, then freshly grated apple stirred just prior to eating.

Baked Apple with Vanilla & Thyme Syrup & Pancakes

Here in New Zealand we are at the end of the apple harvest with a few lone late stragglers stubbornly clinging to the branches even though the leaves have bailed for the year.

Product Review | All-Bran: Apple Flavoured Crunch

Product Review | All-Bran: Apple Flavoured Crunch

Apple & Date Porridge

Breaking the fast with belly warming porridge

Product Review | All-Bran Apple flavoured Crunch

I had promised Bran Muffins with Apple Syrup but the recipe is a work in progress and not quite ready to upload – they taste nice but they look sort of brown and boring.

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