Miliama Tamiano

Miliama Tamiano

I like cupcakes and rainbows with a dash of call of duty and tekken ^_^ my diet consists of unicorn mean and gooey gum drop kisses. ^_^
Miliama Tamiano
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Popular Arabic Mehndi Design - Assuming that you are familiar with the antiquated art of Mehndi designs, you might realize that Arabic Mehndi is very popular.


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YANINA VILAND  St. Petersburg, Russia / Donetsk, Ukraine

Love the originality of this tattoo and the blue is a great color choice - YANINA VILAND St.

so prettttttttty

Would it be crazy for me to say I actually kinda want a tattoo like this. Not the exact style but I like the idea of it on the elbow, maybe in white ink.