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One-Pot Chicken Spinach Bacon Alfredo

This One-Pot Chicken Spinach Bacon Alfredo Is Damn Delicious JT Note: Ran out of liquid before pasta was soft; ended up adding 3 extra cups of milk cups total). Good but not worth using gallon of milk!

Men's Haircut

This is a very good professional but fun look. If you're into fun things like sports or even just trying to look a little bit badass this is the hair for you. Keep in mind though that this is meant for a more narrow type of jaw line, if you have a rounde

Men's cut. 2 on sides 5 on top clipper sides. Blend the top with sheers. Take home redken for men. Come back in 4-6 weeks for trim.

Hair Style hey this is the haircut i like for you. =) mens hair-get it it faded and leave the hair around the first dip^of the head longer so you can style it if it is cut too short it will control you. Style with bb sumotech and a blowdryer