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the doughnuts are being poured into the pan
Pani Popo
Pani popo
a person holding an object in their hands
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Rarotongan Poke - A delicious cooked banana & arrowroot dish served with sweet coconut cream. Soo delicious!
a pan filled with food sitting on top of a stove
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The Samoan ‘panipopo’ or coconut buns have got to be my absolute favourite buns ever. A sweet bun baked with a creamy coconut sauce, there’s nothing quite like coconut buns.
watermelon and crackers are sitting on a table next to a glass of drink
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Tongan 'Otai Recipe
a close up of a plate of food with meat and veggies on it
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Yummy Sapasui...a real Pacific Island favourite! i love coconut cream | Sapasui – Island Chop Suey |
two white plates filled with food on top of a table
Pink Mayonnaise (aka Mayonese, Minus or Minese) Salad - REAL PASIFIK
a man cutting up a fish on top of a green leaf
Samoan Sunday Lunch
Preparing the Fish
two elephants standing next to each other in the grass
This is the traditional Niuean dish made in the outside oven called an Umu. Takihi is a combination of sliced taro and sliced paw-paw fruit, drenched...
a group of men standing around each other in front of palm trees and holding surfboards
Niuean food -Food Division for Ear Piercing [Ceremony], Alofi, Niue, 1982/2004 Photo by Josef Lebovic
cooked crabs on a blue and white plate
Niuean Coconut Crabs or 'uga'
several pieces of bread sitting on top of a white plate with the words hopa above it
Hopa - Tongan Food
a white bowl filled with greens and meat
La'ipele Pulumasima - Tongan Food
there are four pictures of different types of food in the pans and one is filled with rolls
Tongan Panipopo
there is a dessert that has peaches on it
Pineapple Pie (Pai Faina)
there is a chocolate cake with powdered sugar on top and one slice cut out
Palusami-I could not get taro leaves so I used collard greens(the biggest leaves I could find) the inside was delicious but the collard greens were bitter.