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a shelf with some books on it and an image of yoda in the middle
Book Holder
the words, he's the one i pray for
Christian marriage
My husband is my best friend and i thank the lord for him every single day!
the words are written in black on a white background
Disney, Bad Pick Up Lines, Love Puns, Flirty Quotes
A Daily Pickup Line - That camping trip was in tents.
a drawing of a bottle with the words coke on it and an inscription that reads,'are you a caramel beverage?
a drawing of a game controller with the caption i was feeling a little get off today but you definitely tried me on
A Daily Pickup Line - You’ll have to stay tuned to hear about the...
a drawing of a traffic light with the words if i were a stop light, it'd turn red everyone you missed by just could start at you a bit longer
a camera with the words are you a camera? because everyone looks at you'd smile
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a drawing of a heart with the words i'm no organ donor but i'd be happy to give you my heart
A Daily Pickup Line
an image of a cartoon character with the words nice pants can't test the 2 - pepper?