ross heywood

ross heywood

New Zealand / I love animals and especially my pet Guinea Fowl. They are the most precious pets I have every had including my special cat Eme who passed away at 21 years.
ross heywood
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The snow leopard’s powerful build allows it to scale great steep slopes with ease. Its hind legs give the snow leopard the ability to leap six times the length of its body. A long tail provides balance and agility and also wraps around the resting snow le

Rare black lion - breathtaking

Very beautiful image of another non existent black lion! Better photo-shopped than most. Not a "rare black lion. nature takes beauty & creates new beauty! " Person with a computer took beauty, not nature.

Key to the front door of the Royal Chapel of Versailles

Key to the front door of the Royal Chapel of Versailles<-- royal chapel keys?

Tigre siberiano.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

White tigers are Bengal tigers, and they are one of 4 different color variations: orange, white, cinnamon, and snow white.