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this is so cool! I am an only child and a middle child. I was an only child for about 7 years then my parent got remarried so I have step sisters. But it's cool to see I have most qualities from middle child and only child.

never not repinning

This has got to be my all time favorite Key and Peele sketch ever. " You dun messed up A-AY-RON.

These are all true!

Funny Teenager Post And my friend and I made up nicknames for like everybody. Being at 13 I would be that human giraffe

Even though I don't believe the chain pins will do anything, cause they never have, this is SO sweet and a girl, even one who's not into this stuff, has to love it!

"The facts: | 19 Jokes You Should Send To Your Mom Right Now" / I'm pretty sure my mom wrote this one.

Funny pictures about The greatest daughter in the world. Oh, and cool pics about The greatest daughter in the world. Also, The greatest daughter in the world.

So please, move along

This is my cup of care . Oh look it's empty - vintage retro funny quote. Oh yes.I feel like this sometimes! my have to buy this coffee cup, lol!

When the teacher says that we can have partners. So adorable!