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a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with green and pink flowers on it's branches
The Upcycled Chandelier
a moss covered purse with succulents in it sitting on a white surface
Rhoda's Pennsylvania Garden - FineGardening | Jihanshanum
a basket filled with plants sitting on top of a wooden table
two hands reaching for a blue ball in a wire cage on a wooden table top
How to DIY Chicken Wire Cloche For Garden (Step-by-Step Guide)
four small wire baskets with succulents in them on top of a table
Karoo Market Forces...
an image of a hat with flowers on it in the middle of a screen shot
Garden - Hasendrahthut schöne Deko im Garten
several chicken cages with colorful balls in them on the grass near rocks and trees,
Plant cages - Chicken Wire Cloches
some wire and scissors sitting on a table next to a rock with a hole in it
diy decorations
a small wooden bird sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a wall
Tagli, ritagli e coriandoli: Photo
...ci sono immagini che da sole sono poesie, così come poesie divengono immagini che abitano l’anima…l’una e l’altra sono un pò le nostre radici…lo sguardo filigranato dal tempo…un’impronta di memoria sul cuore…appunti di Vita stretti tra le mani… I do not have the rights to most of the images/videos posted on my board. Should you wish to have an image removed, or you would like me to make a correction, please just contact me, by adding you comment to the relevant post or image. Thanks. <3
three metal objects are sitting on top of each other
Accent Decor, Home Accents
Schnecken aus Draht und Steinen
a piece of driftwood with a heart on it and the word love spelled by wire
Hang. Word in wire.
a vase with three green flowers in it
Blog de jeanmichhe :Musiques, mosaïques et fil de fer, Trois coeurs verts en suspension - carreaux, fil de fer, platre et papier journal - 2009 -