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a nintendo wii game system sitting on top of a table next to a stuffed animal
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a man wearing sunglasses and holding an orange in front of his face while standing next to a purple and white wall
Jack Stauber :)
a group of young men wearing ties and jumping in the air with their hands up
Cannibal - Tally Hall
Cannibal - Tally Hall
a man is playing the trumpet in front of an abstract background with stars and stripes
Jack Stauber-Fighter
Jack Stauber-Fighter
four people sitting on a bench holding up signs with different colors and designs in front of their faces
Tally Hall
a close up of a cat with a butterfly on it's nose looking at something
Sadiye Aslan Altıparmak 😂😀😁💞❤️💝
a bearded man sitting on top of a roof with stars all over the ground and buildings in the background
jack 🥰
oh look, a human being on this account, the only human being that has the qualified perfection to be on here. stan jack stauber cowards