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a man is flying through the air in front of wind mills and windmills with his legs spread out
R e n e w a b l e E n e r g y
R e n e w a b l e E n e r g y
a man with glowing green eyes and an orange t - shirt is holding a red ball
Hand it over
a poster with the words, you made a serious lucky wicky now you have to get in the box
*Minor inconvenience happens to me* My brain:
*Minor inconvenience happens to me* My brain: : MadeOfStyrofoam
an image of some kind of animal with caption in the bottom right hand corner
Orang is Troubled
Orang is Troubled : surrealmemes <<< These memes fuel my existential crises
an animated image of a man with a knife in his hand and the caption that says, i fear no man
24 Funny Animal Memes - Daily LOL Pics
I fear no man. VEGETAL but this thing it scares me
three different types of heads in space with caption that reads, i have a much higher intelligent than you mememan
a poster with the words trust not the triangle for it is armed
This shows that Hamlet does not trust his uncle because he is smooching his mum and being weird about it like in the movie when hamlet was in the limo and his mum and uncle were smooching it up. Claudius also has arms so he is not to be trusted
an image of two cartoon figures with the words fiction on them and one is upside down
You fool
You fool
two heads facing each other with the words do u ever just forward in time
27 Surreal Memes – Cosby Memes
four different views of an alien head with the caption's saying, oh nooo it's orange
Don't eant it
Don't eant it
a poster with an image of a man's head and text that reads, you don't hate when you just dissolve
27 Surreal Memes