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Bucky theory. All the feels! They didn't carve out the person, they took his memories he was still Bucky but with false information. This is the most painful Bucky theory I have read. Why do you do this to me? *sobs

This is so well thought out and it hurts but it make total sense.

Felicity Smoak and Kara Zor-El "It's like looking into a mirror" #crossover #Arrow #Supergirl

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Kevin McHale as Artie Abrams

I love how his first and last kiss was with Tina Cohenchang

#Supergirl #Season2 #2x21

Just be glad Cat doesn't live in starling City😂 Ollie would have been found out the first time he was on TV

We didn't get to see this part xD #Avengers

My art The Avengers fan art Captain America black widow crappy post-exams comics woop woop

Idk who made this, but they know my soul (Also Winn's face in the third screencap XD)

Kara you are killing me why can't you gust love him :'(

oh, what is feels | Cut to Sam and Natasha standing guard on the door, glaring at any nurses who want to interrupt the reunion.

I swear to God, Marvel, if there is not a touching reunion scene between Cap and Bucky in Civil War, you will be getting more than just angry hate mail from me.