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If I said this to people in the LSP voice, would they take me seriously?

I know I mess things up sometimes but I'm really trying and your suppose to be my friends not like the fake ones I have here :( (LSP) adventure time.

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The talented shows off new Makeup Geek Matte Eyeshadows with this super sultry burnt orange smoky eye! Featured shades are: Cherry Cola Morocco Americano Mirage

GTA V: Franklin  More About Us:

via Milo James - An awesome, Franklin themed Grand Theft Auto V poster. The Clinton Residence in Forum Drive, Strawberry, Los Santos can be seen in the background. I love the way the skyscrapers rise in the background and foreshadow Franklin's rise!

GTA 5 Render - Franklin By Ashish913 by Ashish913 on deviantART

GTA 5 Render - Franklin By by Ashish-Kumar on DeviantArt