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two texts that are being shared to someone on their cell phone, one has a sun face and the other says i think i am in love with you
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two texts that are being used to describe someone's love for him and her
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the text message was posted to someone on their phone
the text message is displayed on an iphone screen
That was when I first left him. That’s how I felt. It hurt so bad to leave. I loved him and only wanted him but I had to leave bc mentally I couldn’t take it anymore.. coming back to him was a mistake I guess bc he now blames me for leaving like I didn’t love him and I left bc I didn’t want him but that’s not true even the slightest. It’s the opposite.. I am still in love with him. And want only him. But now it’s even harder to be together and idk what’s going to become of us or even if we can b
the text is written in yellow and white
the text on the screen says it sucks because, for a minute i was happy, for a minute i had hope but in a minute i lost it all again
the text on the phone says, i told my friend that he is not getting married
Last night I stayed up till 5 in the morning hoping u would call or text. We met on pinterest & now we are saying our good byes on pinterest. How can u go on with ur day without taking to me? I guess u already found someone else to replace me with that fast. I thought us knowing each other for 5 years would mean something. Yesterday I found my high school year book & I saw what u wrote. It was all a lie. If u ever loved me u wouldn't be able to see me cry & just stand there.