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my favorite drink

I like this image because of the way it has been composed. I like how the nail Polish is dripping to show you the bright colours and I like the simple background.

Leo Acker - Still Life Photography Spotlight Nov 2011 magazine - Production Paradise

Colorful Pop Art Compositions Inspired By Iconic Fast Food Chains In Los Angeles -

Stephanie Gonot Photography - she's awesome

Apostrophe - Photographers - Travis Rathbone - Food

I'm a human fish in a bowl

A few works from Dom Sebastian.

domsebastian:Still life shoot by Dom Sebastian for with shoes from Marc by Marc Jacobs These shoes are ugly as hell I need them

art direction | wafers pyramid - food styling still life photography

Still Life — Sara Morris


philip karlberg - Cervera Can't event tell you how much I love this

Chanel pop art style still life

Making real products look and flat images look

Na década de 60 a Arte pop, surge com imagens da vida quotidiana, aos produtos de cultura popular, aos média, banda desenhada, qualidade gráfica, associada ás cores vibrantes e saturadas.

When I was walking through Target the other day, I found Andy Warhol's art on actual Campbell's soup cans. What an amazing thing, the art showing up on the shelf. I was excited and bought one of each can and couldn't resist eating a bowl of tomato soup