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NEW Style Harry Potter Wizarding World Magical Wand with a Gift Box

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these are just paper and hot glue!!  yep, make your own wizard wands - so cool!

these are just paper and hot glue! yep, make your own wizard wands - so cool! - - Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue

magical fantasy place...wish this was real... Would love to visit here

Wizard's Tower by *NM-art on deviantART>> Kingdom of Elves. Could be isolated from the mountain ranges around the kingdom, also probably more overgrown. The tower looks like the swirl of a unicorn's horn

Not unlike Marval Agyk, although he is A LOT scruffier and always has tatty boots and holes in his socks!

m Wizard Sage library magic books An ancient (Father Christmas) in possession of mystical secrets and medieval mysteries. (no wonder he can manage to be everywhere at once!

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Gandalf the Grey, Mithrandir, and later known as Gandalf the White is the wisest of the Maiar. For over years, the Grey wizard worked most faithfu. Gandalf the Grey - Figures of Middle Earth

Witch's Lair Printable Art. Please visit my Facebook page at:

Witch's Lair Printable Art - Halloween theme iPhone wallpaper background haunting - Trick or Treat your selves to Feel Free to pin without Limits from all my many boards!